Mostly all the academic essay may not allow to write it in a proper format. It is because they want to do just a formality. Whereas in another academic level, needs a correctly formatted essay because they want to check the ability and skills of the students. The best writing concept is a five paragraph essay, because it is a comfortable and attractive thing to write.

Types of essay

When you start to compose your piece for a state certified test, you should initially choose what kind of paper you are being approached to write. There is a wide range of sorts of documents, including story, interpretive, contentious, authoritative, similar, scholarly, etc. The kind of description will decide the subject and theory. Papers for state-sanctioned tests are ordinarily either persuasive, in which you will respond to an inquiry, or artistic, in which you will expound on something you read.

For state-sanctioned tests, understudies need to compose a five-paragraph essay, which ought to be 500 to 800 words in length and incorporate an introductory section, three supporting parts and finishing up a section.

Three sections


The first section means to introduce your topic to the reader. As it helps the reader to understand the topic than obviously, it is essential to section in the entire essay. The work of introduction is to provide a proper direction for the essay. The presentation must set the tone and attraction. The best way to write the introduction is:

  • Explore the main idea about the topic in a single line.
  • Write the thesis and make sure that the argument will provide a suitable answer to the reader.


The second section is the body; it is consist of three paragraphs. The body provides all the information about the topic. In this, all the detail, facts, examples, quotes, and many other supportive concepts must be given. How to divide the paragraphs? Here are some tips:

  • In the first paragraph, write the main points about the topic.
  • Write some arguments and why you have selected the topic.
  • At last, write the evidence which provides support to your case.


The third section is a conclusion; it is the summary of the whole content. Here, you need to ties-up all the essential aspects and give your final solution regarding the problem.

Thus, these are some information about five paragraph essays, which is divided into three sections. One is the introduction; second is body, and third is the conclusion.